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Thoryn by Centauri-Works Thoryn by Centauri-Works
Since i'm still really into that Star Wars Role Play , i'm not quite motivated to draw anything non-related to that , whenever i have a bit of time to draw between two school assignments D:

Going Clone Wars style , just to experiment new colouring techniques and style ... Pretty happy with how it turned out , i love that that " grungy dirty " look in Clone Wars , the serie in is very well done , 3D models are great , texture style is unique , and animations are fluid + character design is usually sweet too . So i tried to replicate that grungy aspect , guess i got it okay :)

Fleet Admiral and Grand Moff Mitth'ory'neela , aka Thoryn , Governor of the Greater Maldrood sector , Commander of the ISD " Avenger " ( her flagship , since we are too economically restrained , we can't have anything bigger than Imperial II class Destroyers , for now ... ) and member of the Remnants Triumvirate . Because yes , story is taking place in 7 ABY and the Empire weirdly became more democratic than the New Repubic , kinda . I mean , it's still the Empire , whenever we have the occasion to engage a Rebel fleet , we do it :D

She's a bit lunatic according to Chiss standards , but she's a hell of a ruthless and brilliant space strategist as well as a cunning woman . Otherwise she simply wouldn't be Governor of a important sector , Fleet Admiral and member of the Triumvirate , since she didn't had any Grand Moff boyfriend :XD:
Doesn't mean she's single though , she oddly found herself in a relationship with the Commander of her Armies , whom she recently promoted to the rank of Surface Marshal , the latter being know for leading the assault on Echo base in 3 ABY ( by now you should've already guess who it is ) Both met at Carida prior to the battle of Yavin during a Rebel assault on the Academy , crossing each other's path numerous times during the Galactic Civil War .
I mean , really , i recently got into a Rebel trap , with nothing else than the Avenger against a whole Rebel Fleet that had an interdictor frigate deployed and all the stuff , still managed to get away , at the cost of all my pilots though ... 

Well , that was for the very short story that no one's gonna read and comment about , as usual .

Done all in Photoshop CS6 with Wacom Bamboo tablet , a lot of hours , including this whole night .

Everything SW related including the Aurebesh font belongs to LucasFilm  :worship:  ( no Disney , you get nothing )
Thoryn belongs to me though 
AnatoleArchibldPapin Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Student Digital Artist
She just forget to tell that she sleeps with Maximilian Veers and COMPNOR agents...

Thanks to me, I know who she is :D (Big Grin) 
Centauri-Works Featured By Owner May 22, 2014  Student Digital Artist
You bloody stalker ... 
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March 6, 2014
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